The Ecologic Difference

3632041 22Shouldn’t Your Building Experience Be Exciting and Enjoyable Rather Than Daunting and Difficult?

At EcoLogic Homes we give you a new experience in designing and building your new home or renovation. We believe that the build process should be a wonderful journey and we realise that often this is NOT the case.

We understand there is a lot of research you need to do before committing to a home designer/builder and that's why we have created our "Good Coffee and Great Conversation Research Meeting". In this meeting, we will simply chat about where you are, what you want, and give you plain straight up advice on how to make your next step the right one. There is no obligation to do anything with us at all.

This is how our no Obligation "Good Coffee and Great Conversation Research Meeting" works:

  1. Start with a quick phone call to organise a time to meet up.
  2. Sit down for some good coffee, introductions & a few laughs.
  3. Let us know your situation, ideas, hopes & dreams.
  4. Get our thoughts & advice on how to bring your goals into reality.
  5. Only if you are happy & comfortable will we all move forward with your dream.

3632041 03Is Sustainable Building An Option for Me?

Yes! A lot of sustainability principles can be applied with no extra cost or change to your vision and end goal. A sustainable home doesn’t necessarily mean an increase in costs or weird designs. But it does mean a saving in energy and running costs.

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