Our Process

1. Initial Consultation - Obligation Free

This meeting is actually about good coffee and great conversation, with no cost involved and no obligation to continue past this point. This is our opportunity to get to know one another. You bring your ideas and hopes and we’ll ask lots of questions to understand your lifestyle, family needs and priorities. We’ll also explain our process and show you how good design principles create a comfortable, light and spacious home.

3632041 022. Design and Feasibility Stage

When you make the decision to continue, we begin the process of putting your ideas on paper. We will do a site visit to your block or the house that you want to extend, so we can visualise all aspects of the location, from orientation to potential views, and check all Residential Design Codes and Council Guidelines that may affect your build. We will then, through meeting with you again to discuss finer details and drink more coffee, design your dream home or extension. The tricky part is to do it within your budget! Therefore, at these meetings, not only do we discuss room sizes and placement, but also what the most important goals of your build are. We will then present you with "Concept Drawings" for you to take away, get to know and come back to us with changes. We will do this as many times as is required to get to the "Final Concept Drawings", which you can "walk through" with our 3D Architectural Computer program.

2012 10 25 14.163. Costing / Tender to Builders

Once we are all happy that your design is more or less where we want it to be (some finer detail changes are expected), we put it to a select group of builders, who we believe are the best suited to building your home or extension. We only use known and trusted builders, that we like to work with, because we want to make sure you are well looked after. They will then cost the build and give us an itemised Quotation so we can compare them, as it’s not always about price, it’s more often about value!

3632041 154. Development and Preparation of Plans

Once we’ve chosen a builder, we set about the “finer details”. Together we design the interior - your kitchen layout, wet areas, outdoor areas - all the fun stuff!! The things that make it truly unique and designed just for you! We submit the plans to council and take care of all the details that could cause major headaches. We liaise with the builder, pre-construction, and get everything ready for a smooth build. We can also help with all of your specification “choices” because we know how overwhelming all of these decisions can be.

IMGP29295. Oversee Construction

Nothing changes once construction begins except the excitement level! Instead of trying to chase down a building supervisor with any questions or concerns, EcoLogic Homes remain your point of contact! And when we promise to always be contactable - We mean ALWAYS! We know there is nothing more frustrating then trying to get hold of someone for days and getting no results. So we guarantee that we will always be up to date with whats happening with your build, and have direct contact with whichever trade is working at that time. That way, any "Hiccups" can be sorted out instantly, rather than trying to fix something when its too late!

6. Completion "Bubbles"

And the MOST important part of the whole process is the Celebratory "Bubbles" at the end - not only to celebrate the fantastic journey that your build has been, but to toast in your new life, in your new home, which will be everything you have ever dreamed it to be! CHEERS!!!

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